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Electrical Services Perth

Powering a Full Range of Electrical Services in Perth

If it turns on and off, we offer electrical services Perth. Our electrician in Perth WA has the ability to install it, repair it, make it work safely or make it work better than before. Our electrician Perth services include:

Fault Diagnosis and Repair

Electrical faults can quickly turn into something much more serious than just a little blue spark behind a power point, or a flickering light. Get in touch with Electrician in Perth WA’s electricians in Perth – we know that time is of the essence, and will make electrical faults a priority job. We can:

Symptoms of Electrical Faults

Call us if you notice any of the following standard symptoms of electrical faults:

If your power’s not what it should be, call Electrician in Perth WA immediately.

Switchboard Maintenance/Upgrade

Your switchboard is the control centre for your home’s power. However, your home might be limping along on a switchboard much less capable than needed to power all of your home’s electrical appliances. Our Perth electricians can:

  • Install an entirely new switchboard
  • Install surge protection on your existing switchboard
  • Rewire circuits for better performance and safety
  • Install safety switches
  • Join and split circuits
  • Any other switchboard repair or switchboard installation task

In most cases it is illegal for homeowners to make these sort of modifications to their home.

Electrician in Perth WA’s electricians in Perth are licensed and qualified to do the work … experienced enough to see the solutions behind your problems … so dedicated to your satisfaction that we don’t leave until you’re 100% satisfied!

Lighting Installation/Repair

There’s little you can do with your home if you can’t see inside it! Your home’s lighting system can make or break the entire structure; however installation, repairs and upgrades all require hardwiring experience. If you feel that you’ve been left in the dark, call Electrician in Perth WA to:

When you WAnt to know that your lighting job will be done to a fixed price quote, by experienced and friendly professionals, to the exact standards you need, call Electrician in Perth WA on 1300 190 023 !

Powerpoint Installation/Repair

Your only regular ‘contact’ with your home’s electrical system is at your powerpoints … and there are very few homes that can find enough of them! At Electrician in Perth WA, our Perth electricians bring the power to you through:

You know you shouldn’t be stacking double adaptors or powerboards on top of each other. Don’t risk what’s most precious to you in the world – get your powerpoints right, and learn to love the convenience and safety!

Smoke Alarm Installation/Repair

Almost every fatal or injury-causing house fire in Australia could have had a much happier outcome if the homes had a working smoke alarm in them. Don’t worry about whether you’ve got it right – call Electrician in Perth WA for:

For strata or commercial Perth electrician smoke alarm installation or repair, we offer extra services such as liaising with tenants and insurance companies, full reporting to your required specifications and scheduled testing.

Smoke alarm setup and maintenance is so simple, there is no point taking the risk in living without them. Get in touch today!

Ceiling Fan Installation/Repair

Ceiling fan installation is easy and breezy with Electrician in Perth WA! One of our specialty Perth electrician services is ceiling fan installation and repair. We carry a large range of parts for major brands and models of ceiling fan in our trucks, meaning that one appointment is usually all it takes for us to:

You’ll feel like your whole home is floating on air, with Electrician in Perth WA-installed ceiling fans! Contact our Perth electricians today to book your appointment.